I can enthusiastically say that the Young Arts Masterclasses 2019 has been one of the best masterclass experiences I’ve had! The world class quality of the professors, musicians, and collaborative pianists was really outstanding and inspiring and the organization, seamless and hospitable. Krosno is a wonderful city, rich in arts and culture, where I have really enjoyed staying for the past two weeks!

In the last two weeks, I had the pleasure to have masterclasses with three great violinists and to improve my playing and musicality significantly by their teaching! I was also able to observe other masterclasses of the all the artists and in that way, learn even more and about many different and varied pieces of repertoire. I think Young Arts Masterclasses attained some of the most intelligent and inspiring artists and teachers in the world this year! I

was amazed and thrilled for the truly world class selection of pianists. I was able to rehearse and play frequently with them at both lessons and informal class concerts as well as incredibly inspiring and supportive collaboration in recital and at the competition. They were also flexible, kind, helpful, and of course always incredibly prepared! It was one of the best experiences in all aspects I’ve ever had with pianists!

The competition was for me a very positive experience… of course I couldn’t say otherwise having had the honor to win! In the all rounds of the competition, I had the impression that the atmosphere was much more that of a concert, sharing music, than of any competitive or judgmental atmosphere. I also felt that there was a lot of support and comradery between all the participants and I had a great time at all the rounds, talking, preparing and having fun together! The whole competition was a very educational, inspiring and motivating experience for me!

Last but not least, I was so amazed and grateful for the fabulous spirit which the organizational staff initiated. It was so nice to be encouraged to have fun and meet and talk with new people (and in fact I mer a few of the best friends I’ve gotten to know!) The organizers were also all so can-do and positive and always completed every step and task with the highest level of quality. It really inspired a feeling that we should all be relaxed and enjoy ourselves and at the same time be professional and inspired to work hard! In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Young Arts Masterclasses and I, myself hope to return again sometime! Thank you so much to every single person who was there for making such a great time!


Marley Erickson